The only thing missing is Hayden Christensen and/or Gerald Butler…OOPS Gerald Butler is in this.

Golden eggs, to be specific. Too bad they didn’t have Blu-ray 25 years ago.  FF to 1:54.  “Warwick Davis’ Return of the Ewok” In the same vein, click the pic for one of the biggest “oops” Star Wars pics since the Golden Rod C-3P0 trading card.

Comic and manga fans especially have had a close eye on the obsenity trial of a man named Chris Handley. Handley, who has never been accused of any crime previously, was accused of possession of obscene materials when the Post Office intercepted a package of manga that had come from Japan to Iowa. Federal Authorities […]

In preparation for the upcoming Will Ferrell feature Land Of The Lost, now has the complete first season of the classic children’s show. While Land Of The Lost’s production values were always notoriously low, the plots were surprisingly complex for Saturday morning fare. Seriously, can you name another 1970 era kids show that was […]

You may have heard the rumors that Terminator Salvation was going to have a different ending.  The story goes that the previous ending was changed after it was leaked on the internet, and fans were outraged. EW’s Chris Nashawaty discussed this with Director McG, and reports about it here. WARNING SPOILERIFIC!!! While these sorts of […]

How shameless does Showtime have to be to ripoff the joke from 2007’s “Planet Terror” promo poster? And notice how Edie Falco and Marley Shelton are making almost the exact same poses as well.

Coming out in November, Modern Warfare 2 (or Call Of Duty 6 as my feeble brain keeps calling it) has a new trailer out: The trailer only shows about 2 seconds of actual gameplay, but since it is Call of Duty, do you really need more of that?  You know what you are getting in […]

Can’t wait until the July DVD release of Dollhouse?  Can’t stand the fact that Hulu doesn’t have all the episodes (including the finale)?  Here is a quick recap.  !!!Warning!!!  I’m assuming this is SPOILERTASTIC – because I’m not watching it. I left the show early on, but hear it has gotten better, so I’m going […]

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