King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters¬† is the only recent movie I have seen four times in the last year and a half. In it Donkey Kong hero Steve Wiebe defeats pro stand-up arcade personality Billy Mitchell’s long-standing Donkey Kong record score. (See kids, in the old days you were playing for points.) Why […]

Dear God, Why?

May 21st, 2009

SFF Media is reporting that Ghostbuster III will begin filming soon, with the original cast. Really? You would have thought they would have learned their lesson after GBII.

No White Wii for Queen

May 21st, 2009

¬†A Wii fit for a Queen! You couldn’t expect Her Royal Highness to play any typical Wii could you? (That is, if you expected the Queen of England to play Wii at all…) It seems this is a promotion for the soon-to-be-released Big Family Games but the THQ-created gold-plated Wii is for real and is […]

Gantz Manga Introduction

May 19th, 2009

In our podcast 001 I introduced GANTZ in the Manga Minute. Here are some links to reviews and the official site if you want to read more before diving into the scary, sexy, seinen world of Gantz: Dark Horse page for V.1 Sci-Guy-John’s review of V.1 on Mecha Mecha Media Sci-Guy-John’s review of V.1 at […]

Sci-Guys Podcast 001

May 19th, 2009

Sci-Guys talk Lost season 5 finale, and Star Trek. Manga Minute talks about Gantz. Come visit us at for more cool stuff.

Click here for the big screen HD trailer.

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A price cut on April 1 is likely what propelled the aging older brother of the PS3 into 4th place, knocking its more powerful and much more expensive little bro into 5th place creating what must be an awkward turn of events for Sony execs. What’s killing the PS3 is the price, set at $150+ […]

G4 TV and Dark Horse have teamed up for a Comic-Con “Con-Test”. Do you think are the biggest comics fan on the planet? Submit a video showing your mad knowledge here by June 22 and you could be going to this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con as a guest of Dark Horse and a special correspondant […]

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