Sunday marked the release of Wii Sports Resort. This is not the first title released for the Wii that incorporates the new Wii MotionPlus attachment to the Wiimote (Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10 and Grand Slam Tennis came out in recent weeks) but is the first Nintendo title.

The box includes not only the game, but one Wii MotionPlus that attaches to the butt of your Wiimote, and a new longer condom for the whole device. I am probably breaking all the rules by admitting I don’t put that ribbed rubber blob on my Wiimote. I prefer to go commando, but I still try and put the wriststrap on, for the very least to be a good example to the wee Wii players in my house.

If this is your first intro to Wii MotionPlus, (which I imagine for many users it will be) let me advise you to buy another MotionPlus before you even toss this into your Wii. As can be expected, this is a game that is designed for group play, and passing the one Wiimote between users will get old fast and many games won’t be possible for multi-player without a second (or more) MotionPlus attached Wiimotes. Is that a big investment ($69.99)? You are going to make it eventually if you are a Wii player, so do it.

This will be obvious within seconds of starting up Wii Sports Resort. You start out by jumping from a plane to land on the Sports Resort Island and immediately you can sense the 1:1 sensitivity we have been wishing from the Wiimote since day 1. Imagine, no more waggling! (To be clear, MotionPlus is not going to change things in non-MotionPlus games.) You move your free-falling Mii (Hey! I remember you, dude!) and interact with other Miis for a few moments before pulling the ripcord and parachuting onto this new take on Wii Sports that is going to make the Wii-bundled original into a new coaster for your coffee table. I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before this new version is included with new Wii boxes, and that this will be standard for (almost) all games.

There is a wider selection of games to choose from here, and they range from the tiring canoe race to the very fun and (finally) accurate archery games. There is a a Wii Fit element to some of the games, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. I also like the keeping with the “unlocking” new levels as well as the Stamp feature that gives you goals that is especially more useful for single-players.

Things I was especially impressed by was the accuracy of the fencing game. Your “sword” moves just as the Wiimote does…a feature players of Red Steel and Clone Wars have been hoping for since the beginning. A few swipes of the Wiimote only whetted my palate for a real lightsaber dual game…

I was excited that the bowling game was now finally accurate. My young son regularly beat me at bowling since the age of 4, but today he got the honest score of 74. In my first game I got a 150. I can deal with that. Basketball and frisbee are not obvious in their actions, but a little practice goes a long way.

Wii Sports Resort will probably be the first Wii MotionPlus game you buy, and hopefully won’t be the best and won’t be the last, but this is the first step on a new journey that I hope puts more life into the Wii console. In many ways it feels the same as  the first day I plugged in the Wii, and we are getting closer to perfection in motion action entertainment.

I am going to cut it short here…I got a 3 point shootout to practice.

By Sci-Guy-John

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  1. Sci-Guy-Jim

    nice piece you wrote here. I will need to come check that out.

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