Today we learned some wild stuff from Dark Horse. The most exciting news I heard today was Dark Horse’s announcement of the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service live-action movie by Dark Horse Entertainment. If that mouthful of a name isn’t familiar then it is time to check it out. “Kurosagi” as it is known by fans […]

No Crash?

July 25th, 2009

The Lost folks at Comic-Con showed this tease that maybe the timeline has been changed:

New Mr. Cluck’s Ad

July 25th, 2009

Sci-Guys love this stuff

As Day Two of San Diego’s Comic-Con rolls into night (and don’t expect these attendees, and especially presenters, panelists and booth dwellers are turning in early any of these nights) let’s take a look of some of the day’s events and announcements. Mangablog has the roundups of the manga announcements so far (One and two). […]

Jake Lloyd at 20

July 24th, 2009

This one is worth watching all the way through. He comes off a little snarky at first, but by the end you get a better picture of the bowl-cut boy from The Phantom Menace…a movie celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, already.

Video Games – E3 2009 – Videogames We get some more details that add to this post on the Mass Effect comic out just before the release of Mass Effect 2

Tron Legacy Teaser Trailer

July 24th, 2009

Hi-Def teaser trailer for Tron Legacy is online now, hidden on the site. I told myself “TRON needs no update,” then I watched this. Badass.

Shawn Levy, Oregonian film critic, reports in his twitter feed that G.I. Joe won’t be shown to critics in advanced screenings. Never a good sign, this is sometimes done with a movie that the studio has a low opinion of.

A concert version of the film Star Wars is set to begin its North American tour in October, organizers announced Thursday.

Star Wars: In Concert will feature a live symphony orchestra, a choir and film clips displayed on a three-storey tall high-definition screen.

Our “man in the field” Princess Michelle has given us her photos from Comic-Con.

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