Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising the LA Times is reporting tonight with the increase from five to ten nominees for best picture the Academy is using a preferential voting system starting this year. Academy members will rank their choices and votes for the least popular first choices will be eliminated, and the second choice will be taken into consideration, and down along the line until one of ten nominees has 50+% of the vote. Make sense? Not really to me either. I understand not wanting the potential winner to have only 10+% of the vote, but it seems like it gives the potential for a lukewarm 5th ranked nominee to beat out four very passionately loved movies that split their votes. Will this be good for sci-fi potential nominees like District 9? We’ll see when the nominees are announced early next year.

UPDATE: The wiser folks at Film School Rejects explain what is indeed a complicated system in ways even my manga-soft brain can comprehend.

By Sci-Guy-John

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