We are a little late with this news… but Disney announced the planned purchase of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. this morning.  Initial reports seem to suggest that Disney will pay about $4 billion (US) to acquire Marvel, mostly through stock swapping.

Pixar…Marvel… where will Disney stop?  To be honest, I really do not care.  As long as I don’t start seeing all kind of stupid Disney characters inserted into the Marvel titles!

Check out more details here.

By Sci-Guy-Mike

2 Responses to “Disney buys Marvel… Can X-Men / Mickey Team-Up be in the future?”

  1. Sci-Guy-John

    Prediction #1: Captain America and The Avengers will be made.

    Prediction #2: Thor is not.

  2. Sci-Guy-Mike

    I like your predictions, John. I’ve never been a big fan of a Thor movie, but I think they could do a good Captain America (IMHO Mark Valley could make a good Cap!).

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