D&D for Microsoft Surface

October 19th, 2009

A group of students from Carnegie Mellon have created a proof of concept for a Dungeons and Dragons game being played on Microsoft’s touch sensitive table/computer, Surface.

With Surface running about $10K, it is unlikely that most D&D fans would run out and buy one just for this.  But it’s still a pretty cool concept.

By Sci-Guy-Jim

2 Responses to “D&D for Microsoft Surface”

  1. Sci-Guy-John

    That’s pretty impressive. I hadn’t seen a Surface before, and it seems like RPGs would be an obvious usage for it.

    I didn’t like the virtual dice. It would be nice to use real dice and the surface could read and apply the number automatically. Dice-rolling has to be fast because there is so much of it.

    It will surely happen, but it would be nice to see specialized effects for spells and attacks, too.

  2. Sci-Guy-Mike

    Wow. You wouldn’t even have to have person-to-person contact to play a campaign anymore! Everybody can just log on to their Surface and play, with headsets/mics on a chat channel. The melding of D&D and MMORPGs is now complete…

    REAL D&D players do it on a tabletop, dammit!

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