The latest series of ads for James Cameron’s Avatar proclaim it “the greatest adventure of all time”. HOW CAN I REFUSE!  The greatest adventure of all time?!?!  SOLD!  I’m sure that was half a billion well spent. In case you missed it, here is the 60 Minutes story on it. Watch CBS News Videos Online

They just didn’t have places like this when I was a kid.  You know, back when the major source for getting a look at the newest Star Wars loot was the Sears Wishbook?  Back when I had to walk uphill to school in the snow?  A few weeks back, I heard mention of a store […]

New (Fake?) Lost Promo

November 28th, 2009

Either way, WTF?

No. 1 On The X-Mas List

November 27th, 2009

in 1979…

Veers’ Facebook

November 27th, 2009

That’s right… “Battlefield Earth” based upon the novel by L. Ron Hubbard is my pick for a Thanksgiving Day “turkey.”  When you first look at the cast of this movie, you might be surprised:  John Travolta, Barry Pepper,  and Forest Whitaker.  How can you go wrong? How?  With bad acting, bad camera angles, and a […]

Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex

November 25th, 2009

The Star Wars site has posted an update to Star Wars: The Essential Atlas. Click here to see those additions.

Watching the whole video, not only is it posted under duress as a stupid concept,  but the usually cohesive Boing Boing usually posts better videos without Matrix-like text streaming over the screen for no reason. Finding the winner in this video is like looking for Waldo in a coal mine with dead canaries and without […]

During the last podcast we talked about the release this month of the graphic novel…(no, that’s not quite right…graphic album? illustrated interpretation?)…of an CD’s worth of Bob Dylan songs. Thirteen graphic artists from around the world were assembled to create the large-size Bob Dylan Revisited. Each “chapter” is a song in graphic form, and each […]

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