Like most people I was shocked to see this ginormous ad in the NFC title game Sunday. Video games, you’ve come a long way, Baby. Mass Effect 2 is out in stores (and available for digital downloads) today.

By Sci-Guy-Jim

4 Responses to “Mass Effect 2 Trailer From The NFC Title Game”

  1. Sci-Guy-Mike

    I guess I’m just odd… I’ll take that story over Avatar any day of the week. I’m trying to remember if Bioware has ever made a game that I didn’t enjoy…

  2. Sci-Guy-Jim

    Bioware rocks.

    Mass Effect’s story is epic – it spans the galaxy and is about the fate of all sentient races.

    Avatar is about who owns a tree.

    I’m not saying you can’t have a great story about either one, but the scale of Mass Effect sure gives it a leg up.

  3. Sci-Guy-Red-Five

    Can I just skip the game and see the movie?

  4. Sci-Guy-John

    I need to finish Mass Effect, ASAP.

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