It is always easy to slam something new.  Change is tough.  And it is especially easy to rip something new when you either don’t care about it at all, or you care about it waaaay to much.

With Wonder Woman, I guess I’m in neither group.  I’ll admit that I used to watch the TV show (starring Linda Carter) back when I was a kid.  Of course, any young man would have been a fool not to.  But beyond that my history with Princess Diana has been limited to the super-friends, and maybe the occasional guest shot in Superman comics.

But I wouldn’t put myself in the “don’t care about Wonder Woman at all” camp.  Now that I have two daughters, we watched some of the show again, and I actually can say that I do like the WWII themed first season.  It was better than expected.  Plus the DC direct to DVD Wonder Woman movie was pretty good.  And I did buy the Wonder Woman shirt for Sci-Guy-John on his last birthday.

So I’m decidedly in the middle ground on this – I have sort of an affinity for the character, but don’t really care that much about it.  So maybe that is why I’m having a hard time getting all riled up…

You may have seen the mild furor going on the internet today about the new Jim Lee designed Wonder Woman costume.  People appear to pretty much hate it.  As I mentioned, I think the haters must be die-hard fans who don’t want an icon redone, or loudmouth cranks who are just looking for something to bitch about.

I sort of like Wonder Woman, and I can take this costume or leave it.  I mean, can you really get so worked up?  They will just switch it back in a year or so.

The only thing I can say is that Jim Lee, I would have expected more from you.  You are a comic icon, and I love your stuff.  Sorry but this just looks like another female X-Men character.

They certainly are downplaying the classic iconography of Wonder Woman.

Of course, it is damn hard to put a new spin on a legend.  Just ask the folks that made New Coke.  Or George Lucas, Or the revamped BSG producers.  Well I guess that last one went pretty well.

But hey, you know it won’t take long to get back to the old look. so if you fall in to the camp of the fan who cares waaaaay too much, relax,  It will be business as usual for Diana soon enough.

By Sci-Guy-Jim

2 Responses to “Jim Lee’s Wonder Woman Make-Over”

  1. Sci-Guy-Mike

    Hate the new costume.

    Bolero jackets are not practical. Just ask Tim Gunn.

    The long black pants need some sort of contrasting color in the boot/foot area. Maybe gold boots to the mid-calf? And not high-heels… boot you wear while running or kicking ass. Not sure why they had to add the stupid “back of hand” protection… her bracelets were iconic.

    Your comment that WW now looks like an X-man is spot-on. This whole outfit reminds me of Rogue’s brown flight jacket worn over the green & yellow jumpsuit (See X-Men (2nd Series) #1).

  2. adrian

    The good: more practical, less sexist, but still eye-pleasing and heroic.

    The bad: that jacket is straight from 1986. I knew this retro ’80’s fad is supposed to be pretty big with the kids, but this is almost ridiculous.

    Ultimately, these superhero costume redesigns seldom last more than a few issues. Then they revert back to the classic mode.

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