Fans of “The Guild” who attended San Diego Comic-Con were not disappointed.  Sure, there were cast members there to interact with fans.  There were preview clips to watch.  And then there was the jaw-dropping poster created by Greg Aronowitz entitled “As his kilt slowly rises.”

For those who do not watch “The Guild,” well… the poster shows one of the main characters and her new boyfriend.  For those who watch, how can you not howl with laughter at the sight of a buffed out Wil Wheaton (Fawkes in the show) seducing Felicia Day (Codex) with his kilt and sword?

The 18×24 inch poster showed up at Comic-Con, but is not yet available for purchase.  If you are interested in getting your hands on one, you might try tweeting at the creator and let him know there is interest!  Greg Aronowitz can be found at @gregaronowitz.

Later this week I hope to post the video shown to SDCC fans by the cast of “The Guild.”  You might recall that last year they released the “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” video in San Diego.  This year, they treated fans to a Bollywood inspired song and dance number.  It should be out on YouTube later this week.

By Sci-Guy-Mike

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