I’m not a huge fan of the USA Network’s show “Psych,” but I thought this clip from a recent show was a little funny.  This Sci-Guy is lucky– my wife doesn’t understand my need to keep toys in my office, or my fascination with The Force… but she doesn’t try to make me give it up.  I suppose having a geek husband is better than having a cheating, drunk husband?  I’m not sure why the writers of this clip felt the need to get almost everything wrong when it comes to “geek things.”  Perhaps they are not completely comfortable with their own inner need to debate who would win in a battle between a Droideka and a Cylon?

By Sci-Guy-Mike

5 Responses to “Nerd? More like a closeted geek…”

  1. Sci-Guy-John

    Any feelings I had about Psych dropped a notch. LeVar Burton’s character, Jordi, did not wear “glasses” on Next Generation. He wore a visor. Oh Jeezus, what have I become?!?

  2. Sci-Guy-Mike

    EXACTLY… “Level 3 Dungeon Master?” WTF? “Captain Adama” in original series BSG? C”MON!

  3. Sci-Guy-Jim

    ” I suppose having a geek husband is better than having a cheating, drunk husband?”

    why not all three? THE TRIFECTA FOR THE WIN!

  4. Bort

    Yeah, I was a bit confused by all that, too. And that Galactica helmet was so fake looking, it fit terrible and looked nothing like what you see on TV. Psych writers, watch this and take notes:

    Did I just nerd out too much? Eh, who cares.

  5. Sci-Guy-Jim

    @Bort that rocks.

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