Earlier this year it was made known that David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, all the Blade movies) had been tapped to write the script for the Christopher Nolan produced Superman reboot, currently being referred to as “The Man of Steel.”  We discussed this movie a bit during our last podcast, along with all the other upcoming superhero movies.

While perusing the web today, I noticed several sites claiming that Jon Hamm, star of AMC’s “Mad Men,” was being courted for the lead role.  I think it is too early to take much stock in these claims.  I seem to recall Hamm being pegged as the next Green Lantern a few years back, too.  Brandon Routh, who played Kal-El in “Superman Returns” has gone on record as being interested in returning to the role… along with current Smallville Superman Tom Welling.

I’m pretty certain I don’t need Routh or Welling in the role.  Hamm certainly has a nice look to him, and he has a great Superman voice.  I’m not so sure he is ready to sell it as Clark Kent, though.

I still think Christopher Reeve is nearly impossible to top as Superman.  I can’t think of any current actor that I want to see in the role.  Help me out– who is the next Man of Steel?  (Hint:  it’s NOT Seth Rogen)

By Sci-Guy-Mike

2 Responses to “Superman casting rumors already up, up, and away!”

  1. Sci-Guy-Jim

    John Hamm, I like it. but he may be just a bit too old.

  2. Martin

    Good actor but you may be right Jim. At least if they plan on doing sequels.

    Routh was OK; I think his main problem was the writing for the character rather than his actual performance but they’ll certainly recast to make a clean break. Similarly Welling’s got no chance.

    Matthew Bomer looks the part, but I’ve not seen enough of him to judge his acting chops for a role like this.

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