Sci-Guy-List: Top 5 of 2010

December 29th, 2010

We Sci-Guys like all sorts of stuff. Sci-Fi Movies, TV shows, comics, books, games… Stuff that we say is “in our wheelhouse”.  As heard in our last podcast, here is our Top 5 for the year 2010.


Call it a lifetime achievement award if you like, but the final season of Lost was still amazing. Filled with its typical brew of great characters, crazy plotlines, and a healthy dose of “WTF?!?!”, the last episodes were a lot like most of the rest of the show, and that is a GREAT thing. Throw in a final fake out with the “flash-sideways” and a surprising amount of “honest-to-goodness” answers and you have a winner.  Some people may not have gotten enough answers, or maybe they just didn’t like the answers they got, but we did. At least enough to put it at number 5 for the year. Lost, you will be missed!

– Sci-Guy-Jim


Based upon a series of comics by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr, “Kick-Ass” never seemed to attract mainstream viewers and failed to dazzle at the box office. It doesn’t help when big names like Roger Ebert call a movie “morally reprehensible” due to the foul language and over-the-top comic violence.

But Kick Ass was a colorful, high-energy film that fans of the comic recognized as a fun movie. Kick-Ass, Red Mist, Hit Girl and Big Daddy came to life with excellent casting, campy costumes, and over-the-top fight scenes.

– Sci-Guy-Mike


Love zombie horror movies?  Hate zombie horror movies?  Either way you will probably dig this show.  You see, it isn’t really about the zombies, it’s about the people.  At least until the zombies attack and wipe out a few of your buddies.  How do people handle that sort of tragedy?  How do they deal with utter hopelessness?

We may have been worried that comic creator Robert Kirkman, and famed director Frank Darabont couldn’t deliver on the promise of the excellent comic series, but they sure did.  And unlike some other comic adaptations in 2010, this has been a huge hit for AMC and they have confirmed a second season.  Having only six episodes in this first season simply isn’t enough, but now we have to wait 9 months for more?  Now that is real horror.



Scott Pilgrim is a comic-bookish, video-game-laden, indie-grunge rock, romantic comedy full of pop-culture references. The impish but tragically-hip Scott Pilgrim falls in love with Ramona, a moderately sexy girl who changes her hair color every 10 days. Landing a date with her is easy enough, but to keep her he must battle her 7 evil exes in glorious over-the-top fight scenes.

It’s cool. It’s funny. It’s endearing. It’s a great movie; not that most people would know, judging from the low turnout and poor box office performance. However, that didn’t stop the Sci-Guys from picking it as our 2nd favorite of 2010.

– Sci-Guy-Scott


“Wait, whose subconscious are we going through exactly?”

This question by Ellen Page’s Ariadne frames the fundamental question of Inception, that is except when the movie is making you forget the question by pummeling your eyes and ears with some of the most stylistic and memorable action sequences of the year.

Director Christopher Nolan is known for dark and daring movies, and Inception is no exception. Keeping a unique balance of heady sci-fi thriller and explosive teamwork heist flick, Inception kept audiences guessing as it thrilled along the way, which is why it is our #1 pick for 2010.


By Sci-Guy-Jim

2 Responses to “Sci-Guy-List: Top 5 of 2010”

  1. Martin

    Thanks for adding to a blog post, I’m saving the podcast until I have to go back to work in the New Year.

    I think I’d have Inception as my number 2; on second watch it’s a good deal funnier than I remembered with lots of throwaway lines.

    Top spot would be reserved for Mass Effect 2 — not only is it a great game to play (I can appreciate a few criticisms about the structure of it), but its storyline and the depth of the universe created are right up there with the best examples of the genre in any medium.

  2. Sci-Guy-Jim

    Even though I really liked Mass Effect, I haven’t played ME2, even though it has gotten great reviews.

    I am ashame.

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