Sci-Guys Podcast 061

April 22nd, 2011

After a long break, some of our heroes return to make with the blah-blah about “Super” “Game of Thrones” and “Being Human”. Plus the Manga Minute where we talk about the demise of TokyoPop and Lychee Light Club!



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By Sci-Guy-Jim

8 Responses to “Sci-Guys Podcast 061”

  1. Sci-Guy-Mike

    Here’s the breakdown….

    0:02:47 – News Begins
    0:39:29 – Being Human
    0:48:44 – Super
    1:03:24 – Manga Twelve Minutes and fifty-six seconds
    1:16:20 – Game of Thrones

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t there… my babbling about Game of Thrones would have taken us over the two hour mark! Sounds like I missed a fun show…

  2. Sci-Guy-Jim

    “1:03:24 – Manga Twelve Minutes and fifty-six seconds” OK, I LOL’d

  3. Sci-Guy-Jim

    another take on Flip’s demise: Don’t blame smart phones:

  4. Adrian

    Thanks for the shout out (again). I really feel obliged to make you all some new drawings.

  5. lore

    I did actually notice the long break, even though I’m perpetually behind! Missed you, Mike!

    Yay, I’m one of the six listeners!

    “Total Remake” – ROFL!!

    Duuuuuudes, I thought you all sat there with Androids or laptops?? Oh, good, one of you whipped it out. Rest of discussion on this has me dying! FYI – The filmmakers have said they plan to be more faithful to the PKDick story than the Arnold version.

    How can you NOT all be watching the Big Bang Theory??? *boggles*

    The BBC “Being Human” gets seriously dark, even darker than the SciFi version in some instances. If you watch both, you can see where the SciFi version tones down a storyline, compared to the BBC.

    Manga Minute – Soooo much more going on with the TP closing than you mentioned, but, really, you couldn’t possibly cover it all. Good job on digesting it. And on avoiding trashing Stu Levy. ~_^

    Game of Thrones – *sigh* It’s SO DARK, just like every other dang SciFi show on right now (V, The Event, Stargate Universe, etc.). All I want is a little realistic levity once in a while. I gave BSG a lot of credit for the couple humorous episodes it had, and it was also dark as hell. Do these scifi writers never crack a joke at a funeral?! Sheesh!

    That said, I think I’ll say you all made me watch Game of Thrones past the second episode. It’s all your fault!

    Thanks for the broadcast, guys!

    love, lore

  6. T. Bone

    I’m finally catching up on my Sci-Guys, thus the late comments…
    If asked what this Podcast was about, I’d have no idea! Come back Sci-Guy-Mike! He seems to be the guy who is able to keep things on track. Having said that, it was entertaining and I’m even inspired to check “Being Human”. Isn’t Kevin Bacon in that?

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