This week marks the introduction of the latest commercial tie-in line of LEGO brick series. Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets mark the beginning of the push for the latest installment of the Pirates of the C. franchise, On Stranger Tides, which sounds a little like a laundry snafu to this Sci-Guy,  but the half-dozen sets that have been introduced to support this series range from $11 to $120.

According to my sources, LEGO quickly retired their generic but popular “Pirates” series in order to get this Pirates of the C. series on shelves.

Natuarally, Cap’n Jack Sparrow appears in almost every set, but you can also find the fancy Blackbeard in several of the sets as well.

By Sci-Guy-John

3 Responses to “Pirates of The C. Gets The LEGO Treatment”

  1. Sci-Guy-Mike

    I expect to see a fully assembled “Queen Anne’s Revenge” at your house the next time I stop by, John!

  2. Sci-Guy-John

    You and my son, both.

  3. Harold Slyton

    Dynamite blip! I just uncovered your blog post and will without doubt become a ordinary lurker now. Keep up the first-class work.

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