Sci-Guys Podcast 065

May 24th, 2011

Sci-guys tip a forty to the memory of our fallen TV comrades. Plus “Game of Thrones” and “Samurai Executioner” in the Manga Minute.

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By Sci-Guy-Jim

5 Responses to “Sci-Guys Podcast 065”

  1. Sci-Fan Greg

    Speaking of Homeworks , you do realise that Mike still has one to use at any time dont you?

  2. Sci-Guy-Jim

    thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Sci-Guy-Mike

    Thank you, Greg! I think we should bring back the homework bit…

  4. Sci-Guy-John

    Yes. Many thanks, Greg.

  5. lore

    I was not sorry to see V(iolence), The Non-Event, or Stargate BSG Universe go. The SO watched all of them, though, and he told me how they all ended. Even though I did end all those early, I still feel like I wasted my time watching them in the first place.

    Re: Slurpee Update – You guys are seriously making me worry about Sci-Guy Mike. T_T

    Re: GoT – When my heart is in pieces because all the characters I love die by the end of the season (I can just sense it; I haven’t read the books), I am coming back to BLAME YOU. ~_^

    love, lore

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