Did you feel like the Green Lantern movie just didn’t quite hit a home run with your need for Green Lantern goodness?  I have a suggestion:  watch the DC Animated Universe offerings.

The DCAU released “Green Lantern:  First Flight” in 2009.  It tells the story of how Hal Jordan came to wield the green power ring.  I’ve commented on it during past podcasts– not perfect, but I found it more entertaining that the movie.  In June of this year DCAU released “Green Lantern:  Emerald Knights.”  The latest offering focuses on the members of the Green Lantern Corps through a series of short stories explaining the back stories of several Green Lanterns– Kilowog, Laira and Mogo.  If you pick up this movie expecting to hear a lot of Nathan Fillion’s voice as Hal Jordan… well, he’s not in it that much.

“Emerald Knights” is not even close to the level of “Under the Red Hood.”  In fact, I think I like the TV series “Young Justice” a little better than “Emerald Knights.”  BUT… it was entertaining, and if you are a Green Lantern fan you will probably enjoy the fleshing out of some supporting characters. 

The voice casting is great… Fillion is Hal Jordan, Henry Rollins voices Kilowog, Kelly Hu as Laira, and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper voices a berzerker warrior named Bolphunga.  The animation is pretty good– there was nothing that jumped out at me as too rough or out of perspective.

Bottom line… I think “First Flight” and “Emerald Knights” might do a better job satisfying your Green Lantern cravings than the live action movie.  I’m sure that at some level I think this because I expect less from animated movies than I do live action, but I still liked the stories better in the animated offerings.  Check them out and holler’ back at me!

By Sci-Guy-Mike

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