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Not sure if we really needed this movie or not… but they certainly have captured the feel of the 1982 version.  Coming our way October, 2011!

By Sci-Guy-Mike

5 Responses to “Don’t pet the dog! Don’t pet the dog!”

  1. Sci-Guy-Jim

    good to see Ramona Flowers is still finding work.

  2. Sci-Fan Greg

    I’ve always loved the 1982 version .

    Not as much as the fans who went back to the filming location 20 years later and recovered part of the blown up helicopter from the first few minutes of the movie :

    However don’t you think its odd when they remake a remake ?

  3. Martin

    Yeah, the Carpenter version is fantastic. I think the way it combines the paranoid aspects with the the more visceral ones; normally you have to go one way or another (once you ‘reveal’ the creature it’s usually the latter) but because the Thing changes its appearance this can play with both aspects.

    Have you seen the The Thing from Another World, Greg?

    I’m not against them remaking this in principle, but aside from switching the grizzled chops of Kurt Russell with Sci-Crush-for-next-month-surely Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who seems to be giving a good performance from the trailer, this looks like it’s not bringing anything new to the table.

  4. Sci-Guy-Mike

    Hmmm… I haven’t put up a Sci-Crush for July yet, have I…

  5. Sci-Guy-Jim

    @Martin – She is looking pretty good here…

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