As an iPad user and Dark Horse enthusiast, I was a bit disappointed when Dark Horse unveiled their “app” for purchasing and viewing comics.  Why?  No Star Wars.

But today, that has changed!

Dark Horse and Lucasfilm have reached an agreement which allows Dark Horse to sell Star Wars comics online.  Check it out here for the official word.  Crimson Empire?  Yep.  Old Marvel adaptation of “A New Hope”?  Yep.  Dark Horse says there are fifty titles available, with more to be released over time.

Prices will be $1.99 or $.99.  Looks like the initial $.99 offerings are first issues… probably wanting to suck you in and hook you on a new series.

This now leaves me with one issue to resolve:  do I spend my comics money on the DC reboot, or catch up with old issues of Star Wars?  Don’t make me choose…

By Sci-Guy-Mike

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