Who cares about Cowboys and Aliens when you have an international fleet of warships being commanded by a Jedi and a Norse vampire taking on an invading alien fleet in the south Pacific!

By Sci-Guy-Mike

6 Responses to “B-6… You sank my Battleship!”

  1. gramo

    if thats not micheal bay i may have to kill myself. The though of 2 Bays in the world is too much to bare :-)

  2. Sci-Guy-Mike

    It has all the markings of a Bay movie… soundtrack is right, ominous background music, hot babe, lots of military firepower and explosions.

    But we have Peter Berg to thank for it. Berg also directed “The Kingdom,” “Hancock,” and “Friday Night Lights.” Maybe we should call him Peter Bay-erg.

  3. Sci-Guy-Jim


    take a closer look.

    the title is misspelled!!!!

    That last letter should be a “T”

  4. Sci-Guy-John

    Why did they keep showing the Japanese Imperial flag? That’s like using the Confederate flag to represent America?

  5. Sci-Guy-John

    Get ready to see this trailer attached to Cowboys and Aliens. The big screen didn’t help.

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