The news out of Germany today is Lucasarts has added a playable Rancor mode into the eyebrow-raising (and sneer inducing) Kinect Star Wars game slated to come out six days AFTER Christmas.

So what does this mean? The gameplay we have seen at various events is lackluster at best. As a saber swinging Jedi on rails, the actions of the player didn’t seem to translate onto the screen as a Kinect game should. By telling us it isn’t done yet, does that mean the gameplay may get better? We can only hope, but the word that the kids love smashing everything on screen as Jabba’s favorite pet tend to raise fears this is less “The Force Unleashed” and more “Wii Lightsaber Duels”.


By Sci-Guy-John

3 Responses to “Kinect Star Wars Adds Rancor Mode… So What?”

  1. Sci-Guy-Jim

    on the plus side, kinect fruit ninja is pretty fun.

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