I must admit that I missed the initial premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation when it appeared on television- September 28, 1987.  But a friend of mine had taped it on VHS, so I quickly caught up with Captain Picard and the gang.  Who would have guessed that this show would help create three more Star Trek themed television series?  Heck, hindsight makes it pretty clear that the first season of Next Generation wasn’t even that great– but that didn’t stop 27 million people from watching “Encounter at Farpoint!” 

If you want a great, quick read about the making of Next Generation, I heartily recommend you download a copy of “Memories of the Future- Volume 1” by Wil Wheaton.  Very funny, and absolutely honest about the entire way the show was written, directed, acted and produced.  Available for you Kindle owners, or you can listen to the podcast that started the fun here.

Anybody care to share their favorite Next Gen Season One episodes?  I will admit a weakness for the episode “Heart of Glory” (because Klingons kick ass!).

By Sci-Guy-Mike

4 Responses to “Stardate 09281987… Next Generation Premiered 24 Years Ago”

  1. Sci-Guy-Mike

    I’m an idiot… clearly the photo with this story is from second season or later. My humble apologies in advance.

  2. Sci-Guy-Jim

    re-watching some season 1 TNG on netflix reminds me of

    A: How bad it was
    B: How starved we were for Sci-Fi, because we thought it was OK at the time.

    Let’s be honest, I don’t think any of the eps from season 1 make the top 10 of the series.

    This would probably be my fav:

    The Neutral Zone:

  3. Martin

    You might like to read these when you get some time. A lot of time:,102/

    Season 1 is a bit rough (that 27 million audience figure is huge though; just compare that to the sort of numbers even big shows get today). I’m tempted to say “Skin of Evil”, but I haven’t seen it recently enough to confidently say that it was good rather than just memorable. TNG doesn’t hit its stride until S3.

  4. gramo

    For being a season made up largely of Phase 2 reworks there are some good stories in season one. not all are executed well but they were certainly interesting from a concept stand point. Amongst my fav have to be The Battle and Hide & Q

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