Sci-Guys Podcast 096

May 1st, 2012

Sci-Guys summer movie preview, plus William Van Winkle’s “Short Shorts”, and back from the dead, “Guess the Year”. Join us, won’t you?

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By Sci-Guy-Jim

7 Responses to “Sci-Guys Podcast 096”

  1. William Van Winkle

    Argh! You guys are obviously right about the pricing. My huge bad. (Apologies to Howey.) Wool 1 through 3 are 99 cents. Wool 4 hops to $1.99, and Wool 5 is $2.99. You’ll save a bit of money buying the Omnibus (volumes 1 through 5), and, because of how Amazon does its royalties, the author will actually make a little more money through your purchase of the single Omnibus than if you buy all five Kindle ebooks separately. Just FYI.

    And on a separate note, I’m glad you guys got my point about LOTR. I’m a big Tolkien fan. In fact, I’m reading The Fellowship to my 7- and 10-year-old at night now. You’re totally right about the characters being archetypes. Great story, amazing world…no character development. And I’m not saying there should be, either. God knows that if Tolkien had taken time for character work, there would have been a lot less room for all of those endless landscape descriptions and Elvish songs. Priorities, right?

  2. William Van Winkle

    I should also add that the Wool stories vary in length. Amazon lists #1 as being 70 pages. (As you know, traditional page counts are pretty meaningless on an e-reader, but whatever.) Wool 4 weighs in at 166 pages, and #5 is 254 pages — pretty much a novel. So please don’t think that these are all “short stories.” Howey gives you a LOT of amazing fiction for a generously tiny price.

  3. Sci-Guy-Mike

    I picked up the Wool Omnibus and am very, very happy with the pages/price ratio. I’m looking forward to finding more reading time… my Kindle is getting pretty full right now!

  4. William Van Winkle

    Argh…ANOTHER thing I forgot: a Web address! Try these:

    Wool Omnibus:
    Hugh Howey’s blog:

  5. lore

    1. Pintrest (sp?) basically allows you to make a web page of links to stuff you like, only in visual form. If there’s a picture on the web page you link, it will download itself to Pintrest. Thus, there’s like to be brewing copyright and ownership battles at Pintrest eventually. There’s been some noises about it already. Before the masses found it, mainly women were using it to share homemaker-type projects. Now…not so sure.

    2. Picking on Dark Shadows AND Yaoi? WAH!!! If your wife (wives) would like any Yaoi recommendations, let me know. ~_^

    3. Mirror Mirror had good parts. Unfortunately, those parts didn’t add up to a satisfying whole. We had an OK time, but I wish it had been more of any one genre.

    4. I hope you know by now that the new GI Joe movie has been postponed. Unless they reshoot it with the original director, it’s bound to be a disaster. The first one was so joyously cheesy. This sequel is trying to take itself waaaay too seriously.

    19**!!! I guessed it right by the easy questions! Loved the original Battlestar!

    Jim. I haaaaate Facebook. Hate. However, I *do* have a throwaway account. And any comments I make from it will be douchy because I use the third person on it. You’ll see why. Find you when I get home. From work. Late. Bleh.

  6. Sci-Guy-Jim


    you can keep posting here if you like! We still get a fair amount of traffic here, We are just trying to use facebook as a way to get the show out to a larger audience.

  7. lore


    I have several Sci-Guys of my own, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some of your Facebook posts to make them aware of their fellow Guys. I know my Significant Other has raced ahead and listened to all the latest podcasts. We had been listening to at least the current cast on road trips, but clearly I’ve addicted him!

    I’ll still annoy you here because I listen directly from the site at work, and it’s give comment here or forget to comment at all. ~_^ Can’t wait to catch up more! <3

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