Sci-Guys Podcast 103

July 23rd, 2012

Batmania. That’s it. Just “The Dark Knight Rises”.

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By Sci-Guy-Jim

3 Responses to “Sci-Guys Podcast 103”

  1. Martin

    Yes Jim, I am a Dolphins fan. For my sins.

    I liked The Dark Knight Rises quite a bit, but I do have a lot of (mainly plot related) issues with it — mainly it is overly complicated to the point of becoming white noise. The way Nolan layers on plot twist combined with all of the characters being several steps ahead of the other character makes me think it’s plotted like a season long TV show, only one which takes place in three hours, and last act is basically a superhero version of 24. And didn’t Iron Man essentially do the same thing at the end of The Avengers?

    But Nolan’s really so very good at staging things that it pounds along at such a breakneck speed you’re overwhelmed by the effect of it. The opening scene is the whole film in a snapshot: it’s so elaborate and over the top that from a plot persepctive it’s almost idiotic, but as a technical piece of filmmaking it’s hugely impressive.

    There were bits where I really hoped it’d catch fire and deliver a true fist pumping moment, like when he escapes from the prison, or when he ignites the bat logo onto the side of the bridge, or the rematch with Bane, but it doesn’t quite deliver. Probably the only time it does hit a really big emotional moment is Alfred’s parting speech to him, and that’s because Caine absolutely nails it.

  2. Sci-Guy-John

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying, Martin. There is a lot going on in this one. I especially agree with your second paragraph. Exciting, thrilling and confusing with distractions at the same time. I think I need to see it again before agreeing with your third paragraph…I still stand behind my rating.

  3. lore

    I don’t know…I *watched* the movie, and since the person I usually over-analyze movies with has gone AWOL, I was left with my gut reaction, which was: “Wow” and “Ohthankgawd” (because the ending murmurs were that disturbing and we didn’t get spoiled).

    I can’t think of another “big” superhero movie that has a plot quite like this one. Yes, I was vaguely familiar with the comic book storylines around Bane, so I expected the owie crunch part, but I wasn’t expecting Batman to be brought as low as he was. I wasn’t expecting the secondary characters to have so much of the plot and story. I think that’s why Matthew Modine’s part especially stands out as forced – the other characters had so much to do and say and he didn’t. I didn’t really miss Batman once he made it to the screen. Selina and the other characters held my fascination well enough when Bats was away. I guess I can’t think of a Big superhero movie where the secondary characters get to take part of the movie and run with it.

    Also, I must be some kind of savant because I always follow and understand overly complicated film plots, as long as I can see them in the theater and not be distracted. I totally got “Dune”, and I totally got “Dark Knight Rises”, even though, yes, it’s been years since I’d seen the others.

    Also, right or wrong, *I* was happy to see Bruce get a happy, pat ending. You don’t see *that* in Big superhero movies, either!

    love, lore

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