Sci-Guys Podcast 104

August 7th, 2012

John takes the week off to literally be all over the map. The rest of us do the same figuratively. “Total Recall”, a slew of TV talk, MMOs, and Mike’s “better late than never” take on The “Dark Knight Rises”. All this plus a brand spankin’ new “Short Shorts” from William Van Winkle

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By Sci-Guy-Jim

3 Responses to “Sci-Guys Podcast 104”

  1. lore

    DOWNTON ABBEY. WOW. As if I could love you guys more! I like Mary best, I think, although she doesn’t deserve it. And we all love Maggie Smith’s character super-best, secretly, right? ~_^

    I really appreciate you going over the current TV. We are sooo on the border with Alphas. Every week, we say we need to take it off season pass, and every week, they have a guest star or something that makes us keep it one. more. week!

    I think you all should totally draw shows out of the hat again. But maybe Scott should get to cherry-pick first and the rest of you should face the hat. It was interesting hearing your views on *all* the shows, even if it was touch and go on viewing some of them (JIM).

    Mike on DKR – Dude, you were getting kind of “scornful Valley Boy” sounding there for a minute. I won’t argue with Mike’s visceral reaction, but I will say one thing: *I* think the choice of Bane as the Big Bad for DKR was thoughtfully made. I don’t think they were just looking at the new shiny. I’ve seen too many *other* Batman movies go for shiny villains to consider the choice of Bane here in that same category.

    Also, all your impressions were cracking my shit up. Thanks, Guys! <3

    love, lore

  2. Sci-Guy-John

    lore speaks to me. Nice retort on Mike.

  3. Sci-Guy-Mike

    Yeah, I did sound a bit whiney during my rant about Bane. I still think they changed the character so much, they could have given the movie character a new name and none of us would have identified him as Bane. That said, I watched the movie again the other day and enjoyed it… so I guess Nolan did his job pretty well.

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