Sci-Guys Podcast 116

February 5th, 2013

Tons of news and rumors, plus “Warm Bodies”, “Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters”, “Short Shorts” and the “Manga Minute” makes its triumphant return.

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By Sci-Guy-Jim

One Response to “Sci-Guys Podcast 116”

  1. lore

    OMG TEH PUNZ!!!!

    Versus – Indy Jones, Winnah! Sorry, his hand-to-hand is much better than Max’s. And Indy fights dirty, too!
    I don’t know why you guys think Max is a master assassin. Might have to make the Australian SO weigh in on this.
    Jim, your wife ROCKS! Go Sci-Wife!

    Dudes. Spaceship Versus without specs? Mrrr. Cylon Raiders because they look more sturdy. Tie-Fighters practically target themselves for you. “Here’s a big, round ball for you to shoot between these two solar panels. Center, center….”

    I think Sarah and Ripley fight themselves into a bloody pulp draw. Their survival instincts are too heightened. Sarah has more muscles, but Ripley can operate more machinery.

    Fun episode! Thanks, Guys!!

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