Sci-Guys Podcast 125

May 28th, 2013

Sci-Guys “Star Trek Into Darkness” and enlist in the upcoming console wars. Plus a special “Short Shorts” featuring William Van Winkle’s interview with “Wool” author Hugh Howey.

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By Sci-Guy-Jim

2 Responses to “Sci-Guys Podcast 125”

  1. lore

    Scott, I officially let you off the hook for Do No Harm. Honestly, Guys, most people stop watching, if they watched at all, once a show is canceled. Unless it has some cult oomph, I don’t think you need to keep torturing yourself watch dead-in-the-water shows. Unless I’m the only listener reasonable enough to not want to hear about canceled “new” shows….

    Wow, at first, I was hanging with the console talk and then *_*. I won’t be letting the Significant Other buy a new one that constantly calls out the internet, that’s for sure.

    William, thanks for the timestamp on your segment. I appreciate it.

    Wow, I do NOT care about Kahn’s ethnicity. I agree with Jim, I think they just wanted to cast a hot cult actor in the movie. I really loved this Star Trek, but I was never a huge fan of the series before the movies. I’ve seen most of the Trek shows all the way through, but there’s just something about them that keeps me from being fannish over ST. The movies, however, I could get a little obsessed if I let myself. Maybe this is because Trek reruns were always my mother’s thing and then by the time TNG came around, I was in college and too busy to watch at first. So I never had a new cast of characters to latch onto until now. Honestly, I’ve liked most of what we’ve seen so far, but it’s Into Darkness that I would pay full theater ticket price to go see again right now.

    I have to admit, we enjoy Falling Skies, although it’s also 99% humorless. :P

    Thanks, Guys!

    love, lore

  2. Furkay

    Hi,an interesting esipode of Enterprise.This esipode had some good moments for me. I enjoyed the fact that Starfleet sent them on this mission, that Admiral Forrest mentioned the comet in Breaking the Ice . As Adam said this was the beginnings of the Starfleet we know, also loved the comment about more starships on the way.The story overall was quite good. Anything that give Mayweather something to do must be good. So Travis is a boomer, born in space. Well I am glad this esipode cleared that up, the previous stories had not made that fact clear enough. Though Travis’s comments at the end were helpful to Archer. Again Archer shows his diplomatic side by ending the crisis.Nice to see the Nausicaan’s. I am sure in TNG they were not mentioned as Pirates, only that they are good at stabbing hearts. Some good points made about Hoshi not going aboard with Archer.All in all a steady story,one I would score as a 7.Another enjoyable cast. Great guest this week with JD, just loved the birds in the background.Michael.P.S. It was the TNG party that my wife was looking forward to. I am sure she will love to meet you though. +2Was this answer helpful?

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