Sci-Guys Podcast 136

September 17th, 2013

New TV round up, featuring “Sleepy Hollow”, Our summer movie wrap-up, and “The Star Wars”. Plus William Van Winkle’s “Short Shorts”

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By Sci-Guy-Jim

One Response to “Sci-Guys Podcast 136”

  1. lore

    Sleepy Hollow – I’m with Jim, it’s just really dumb fun. Totally needed on a Monday night.

    True Blood – Still watching, but glad it’s the last season.

    Under the Dome – Seriously angry at the end, which was a non-end because of the unexpected second season. If this were on during the regular season, we’d have removed it from season pass. Why couldn’t this one end and next season be a new dome situation? Blerrgh.

    Haven – YES, I’m listening…um, now. heh. John did say he would check it out in Episode 131, although I had his name wrong in my comments, but at least I caught it! And there’s two tall guys, really, although Balfour is the only one who’s been around the TV block. I actually took note of him first on Buffy. Also, ratings are up, dudes, so we’re hoping it won’t get the “SciFi 4th Season Axe”. Still not too late to pick it up, John. *evil smile*

    Iron Man 3 – Better than 2 in my mind, still.
    Star Trek ID – I bought the Blu-Ray!
    Man of Steel – OK. Wish the end had been stronger and less smashy.
    Pacific Rim – First pleasant surprise of the summer. Cheesy Monster Fun!
    This is the End – Second pleasant surprise of the summer. There should have been more.

    Thanks, SciGuys!
    love, lore

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