Sci-Guys Podcast 150

February 4th, 2014

We turn 150 with a look at the 2002 Disney Sci-Fi adventure “Treasure Planet” Plus “Guess they Year” with us!

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By Sci-Guy-Jim

One Response to “Sci-Guys Podcast 150”

  1. lore

    I did have Treasure Planet mixed up with Titan AE for a while there! I don’t think I remember it being as bad as you all said it was, but you’ve convinced me not to rewatch it to find out. ~_^

    And just to be a smarty pants, I had the year on the first clue, but I am a Gaiman fan. The book is fascinating, Jim, you definitely should give it a read. Seemingly meaningless stuff pays off as the book continues.

    love, lore

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