We’re back to talk about “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, which of course leads to “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” and the entire Marvel cinematic universe. We then throw in a listener created “Versus”. Join us, won’t you?


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By Sci-Guy-Jim

5 Responses to “Sci-Guys Podcast 154 (fixed!)”

  1. Barbara

    Hi Sci-Guys,

    Guess whose birthday is coming up? Besides George Lucas’.

    I’m turning 24! And I’m graduating! So much is happening and I wanted to share with you.

    Thanks for being awesome all these years.

    — B

  2. Sci-Guy-Jim


    Congrats! Thank you for being awesome!

  3. Martin

    I would also like to second Mike’s enthusiasm for The Americans, it’s a very good show.

    My other recommendation if you’ve not seen it is Hannibal. And if you haven’t I know what you’re thinking “Isn’t Hannibal Lecter all played out and weren’t the last few films poor?” – I did too, but it’s really a tremendous achievement: like a dark, oppressive nightmare.

    Finishing off with something that’s in the wheelhouse; I’m still enjoying Game of Thrones a lot, however it seems to be getting more difficult to avoid spoilers (and as Jim mentioned, people are specifically commenting on the show, when everyone’s been very good to not spoil the books for years) at present, and that’s robbed a few scenes of their power, which is a shame.

  4. lore

    “He almost picked up Thor’s Hammer” – Wha? He *didn’t* pick up Thor’s Hammer. That’s the point!

    I liked the deeper take on things, but an hour and a half was a little squirmy.

    I dropped Continuum altogether. It never made me happy to watch it. I like Game of Thrones, but I’m actively looking for spoilers because I need to know when to squint. ~_^

    Gee, I’m caught up just in time for a new episode, right? Thanks, Guys!

    love, lore

  5. Thor Odinson

    What? I turn my attention to Jane Foster and Loki for more than a few moments, only to learn that the “Sci-Guys” dare suggest the green troll known as Hulk could defeat me in battle? To this, I say nay!

    I, Thor, wielder of the mighty hammer Mjolnir, can defeat Hulk whenever I choose to do so. But since Hulk is usually mine ally, it is really a moot point. Unlike the frenzied beast Hulk, Thor saves his savage rage for those who would bring evil to the realms. If I were to attack my friends, I would be no better than the frost giants of Jotunheim or dark elves of Svartalfheim!

    While your language at times baffles me, I believe those Sci-Guys who would wager on Hulk are, in the words of Tony Stark, “smoking crack.”

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