Sci-Guys Podcast 165

October 21st, 2014

Fall TV talk. PLUS Halloween suggestions. Legos. fin.

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By Sci-Guy-Jim

6 Responses to “Sci-Guys Podcast 165”

  1. lore

    Gotham – Still staying away because the outcomes are known.

    Flash – CW has said this is supposed to be a lighter counter-part to Arrow. We like it OK at this point.

    Constantine – Planning to watch.

    Forever – Behind, but planning to watch.

    ZNation – Refused.

    Haven – Is on right now! HAPPY PLACE!!! Although Siffy has been jerking the show around timeslot-wise. Definitely trying to kill it.

    Arrow – We are SO TIRED of the flashbacks! So so tired.

    Grimm – We caught up and are ready for more! Although I agree with Jim, Nick’s girlfriend has got to go. They’ve never served her character well. Nothing against the actress.

    Sleepy Hollow – Same opinion as Jim. Big, dumb ball of fun.

    Agents of Shield – We’re loyal. I can’t understand how the Marvel movies can do such big box office, and the show has such poor ratings. Can it be the production values alone? Because the story has vastly improved and it should have had a bump after Winter Soldier.

    Doctor Who – Yeah, I’m not feeling this Doctor at all and we’re several episodes behind. I can’t wait for Coleman to leave. We never liked her character, and I’m hoping the right companion for Capaldi can make things better.

    Ascension sounds like Battlestar Galactica without the Cylons.

    So, my friends have children old enough to want the really serious Legos. O.M.G. The prices. OW.

    I LOVE the Frighteners! It’s rated R, really??? How?? It’s not pre-PG13. Weird.

    Hum, I wonder if old Horror DVDs would be a good Trick or Treat item?….

    Aww, you Guys remembered my birthday! Thanks! I hope you all have a terrific Halloween! <3 <3 <3

    love, lore

  2. Sci-Guy-Mike

    Much of my fear about Constantine involved the fact that they decided to dump one of the lead actors after completing the pilot. Having watched the premiere, I think Matt Ryan did a pretty good job bringing John Constantine to the small screen. I will have to reserve my judgment on the Lucy Griffiths/Liv vs. Angelica Celaya/Zed decision until after we have seen Zed in action, but my gut tells me that Liv was going to get annoying in the “oh shucks, John, please tell me what is going on” role.

    Lore, I think you hit the nail on the head– it is time for Clara to leave the Doctor.

  3. lore

    Mike, we’d heard the same thing about the female lead change. I liked Liv for one episode, but I think it was smart to send her on her way. The character did seem twee. John’s sternness against her naivete would have begun to grate on me because even in one episode, she never seemed to truly believe how serious everything was. Smart characters clue-in and I like smart characters.

    Did you notice any nods to the theatrical? I thought I did, and I wonder if it was because they didn’t want to turn off fans of the movie. Or, perhaps the nods I saw were just (some of the few) accuracies from the comic. I only read the comic haphazardly, so I’m coming at this fresh.

    Clara – She was hard to take with Matt Smith. She had a Mary Sue perfection that always grated on me. With Capaldi, it’s like the Mary Sueness is turned up to 11 and it doesn’t work. Matt Smith had his own high energy level that matched her know-it-allness in tone, but I feel like Capaldi’s Doctor just wants to smack her.

    Capaldi needs a Donna. Yes, he does! ^_^

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