Four Guys, One Purpose
In 1994, Captain Zane Adams recruited a specially-trained team of misfits for a singular purpose: to discuss anything and everything related to science fiction. Allowed one hour a week of FM airtime, the crew created what would soon be remembered as “Star Talk.” The ragtag team of the Captain, Ensign Farmboy, Grand Moff Tetsuo and Red 5 gathered at a fledging college radio station studio to share their passion for all things sci-fi with an unsuspecting university-town audience.

Things were different then. We talked about “Deep Space 9,” “Voyager,” “Sliders,” “The X Files,” and “Star Wars” a lot. The Internet consisted of about 23 sites back then (and at least half of those had something to do with “Baywatch”). During this time we began to hear rumors of George Lucas re-releasing the Star Wars trilogy to fulfill his “original vision,” followed by something called a “prequel trilogy.”

Before we were allowed to explore these new adventures on-air, the show was sadly halted by the menace known as “college graduation.” Where other shows had replacement talent to take over for DJs going ahead with their lives, no one could fill the shoes of the “Star Talk Four,” as they were almost never referred to, and the powers that be replaced the time slot with a show sponsored by the university’s golf team, ironically called “Par Talk.”

Forward: Early 2009
The crew had spread their wings and seen the world. However, fifteen years after their mission had ended the Captain decided to track down the original Star Talk team and let them know that he was “putting the band back together.” The fact that the members were all living in the same city at the same time once again was a sign. A reunion was meant to be. The team met again as a foursome for the first time since the mid-90s at mutually agreed-upon watering hole and after some discussion over libations we all realized we still shared our collective affinity for all things sci-fi. And not only that, going back “on the air” could actually work.

But first we needed to rebrand ourselves. The old name, “Star Talk,” was a little bland for the sexy, fast-paced Internet-age we live in now. We needed something that was catchy and could translate well (and was available for a homepage domain name). After many rolled up balls of paper were scattered around a completely empty garbage can, we agreed to the name “Sci-Guys” and created the website as not only a means of promotion, but as a real-time filter of sci-fi-related news and events, and a way to discuss topics between shows. Also, as time has progressed, so has the means of reaching the masses. Leaving the old-fashioned world of radio broadcasting behind, the regenerated and rehabilitated team decided to spread their message of star-jumping hope and android dreams in their own bi-monthly podcast (after explaining to Red 5 that a “podcast” was not something you needed an ointment for).

Our New Home: Crawlspace Studios
Deep in the bowels of a newly remodeled basement, 185 square feet of coziness was discovered under the cobwebs. We scrounged up the necessary equipment (mics, computers, a mixer-board, beer) and picked a date for the podcast’s maiden voyage: May 5, 2009. The 15 years of silence has ended.

A lot has changed from 1994 to 2009, and as much as communication technology has advanced (and our hairlines have receded) our passion for all things sci-fi has not. And there is a lot to talk about. From games to comics to movies to TV and in new avenues we would have never thought of a few years ago, there is no shortage of things going on. We are accepting our mission, once again, to keep you informed and, hopefully, entertained. Join us and maybe someday you, too, can become a part of the Sci-Guys crew!

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