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Star Wars Universe Megabundle!

November 25th, 2011

Mike alluded to this in the last podcast, and it looks like quite a deal. Only available today, so diggity! It’s $100 for 130 stand-alone digital SW comics. Click pic for more info.

The Walking Dead Sunday!

October 16th, 2011

Season 2 of The Walking Dead starts Sunday, Oct. 16, and in celebration all Walking Dead comics are HALF OFF today only on Comixology. I have been waiting for this day for a long time… but I am not looking forward my phone bill.

“Deadman” Coming To CW(?)

August 26th, 2011

Deadline: Hollywood is reporting that the post-Smallville CW network make switch comic gears in a very big ways.  There are talks of a “superhero” series starring none-other than probably one of the least-known heroes in the DC Universe (OK, he’s better known than Ragman…) but has a compelling back-story. Trapeze artist, Boston Brand, was murdered […]

As an iPad user and Dark Horse enthusiast, I was a bit disappointed when Dark Horse unveiled their “app” for purchasing and viewing comics.  Why?  No Star Wars. But today, that has changed! Dark Horse and Lucasfilm have reached an agreement which allows Dark Horse to sell Star Wars comics online.  Check it out here […]

With most classic fairy tales, Westerners can recall the story in a heartbeat, and they mostly evoke happy, and likely Disney-infused memories (at least for the last generation or two). However if you look back on many of the classics like Hansel and Gretel or Cinderella there is often a streak of sometimes perverse evil […]

If you have listened to our podcast, you may remember us talking about “King of RPGs” by Jason Thompson.  The next volume is out (appropriately titled “King of RPGs 2”) for your reading enjoyment.  Thompson and artist Victor Hao keep the writing/art team alive– early pages for this title look as good as they did […]

Mister Wonderful: A Love Story began as a serialized comic strip in The New York Times Magazine, but has now been compiled and supplemented into one single hardbound volume. Made up of a series of strips with the Cinescope shape of a Sunday funny, Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) delivers the story of Marshall, a shlubby […]

Free Comic Book Day is on May 7th 2011, get it in your calendars now!

Shamble on over to for a great sale on “The Walking Dead” Compilations. On Tuesday March 8th until 11:00pm you can pick up digital copies of the 6 issue “The Walking Dead” compilations for $5.99 each. We make no bones about it – us Sci-Guys loves us some ComiXology, and also some “The Walking […]

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