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Looks like Volkswagen is continuing with its Star Wars theme for the Super Bowl. Last year it was a little kid dressed up like Darth Vader. But this year is for the dogs.

Thanks to Mike Russell I now know about Danger 5.  Nazis? Dinosaur people?  Japanese fighting robots?  World War II?  Golden Super Weapons made of gold?  Goofy, gorey action? This web series is like seven-layer dip– every time you take a bite, you find something else that is amazing!  Check out the official site for this […]

Ready Player One is the first novel by Ernest Cline, and comes out of the gates screaming with a sci-fi adventure directed exactly at the Sci-Guy generation. The year is 2044. The world has been devastated by financial ruin. The only source of sanity and self-esteem is the virtual world of OASIS. Created by a Steve […]

Hot Welles On Wells Action

November 3rd, 2011

From The Slate: Orson Welles talks with H.G. Wells about “War Of The Worlds” and world wars in 1940.

We don’t give literature enough love around here. Consider this a “make-good” to all you readers out there: Click the image to expand-ify it.

From here via SquirrelGirl

Netflix Relief Fund

August 4th, 2011

Netflix Relief Fund with Jason Alexander from Jason Alexander

This is the first weekend of Atomic Arts “Trek in the Park” for 2011.  I drove by Woodlawn Park yesterday about an hour and a half before showtime… the place was almost filled!  Guess I’ll have to get there at least two hours early if I want premium blanket space?  Portland Mayor Sam Adams was […]

I finally had a chance to start reading Daniel H. Wilson’s latest novel “Robopocalypse.”  Once I started reading, I could hardly put down my iPad.  I read the book in a day, and I certainly hope other people pick up a copy of this very entertaining and well thought out book. “Robopocalypse” is the natural place […]

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