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Hewlett Packard put out a press release today and announced they would stop production of WebOS phones and the HP TouchPad.  Wait a minute.. didn’t the TouchPad come out in June?  I feel bad for anybody who bought one on day one:  since release, HP has slashed prices on it and then discontinued it in […]

iPhone No Cancer Commercial – watch more funny videos

 If you happen to be a college student (or at least somebody who still has access to an .edu email account), you might want to check out Microsoft’s latest offer to students. Starting May 22nd, any student who buys a computer with Windows 7 preinstalled worth $699.00 or more can get a FREE 4GB Xbox […]

May 19th marks the tenth “birthday” for the Apple Store.  Waaaay back in 2001, Apple opened two retail stores on opposite ends of the United States.  Today, there are over 300 Apple Stores all over the world. But the big buzz on the internet seems to be about a potential birthday surprise in store for […]

Sci-Gal AJ Takes the Moto Xoom Plunge!: Why a Xoom and not the new iPad 2? Simple.  I hate Apple.  I have never spent a dime on one of their products.  I realize, of course, that not everyone shares my views on Apple, and if I didn’t have them myself, the $499 iPad 2 would […]

Another step closer to Skynet…

February 17th, 2011

 IBM’s Watson computer did a great job grinding its human competition into the dust last night on “Jeopardy.” If you have never heard of Watson, PC Magazine has a good write-up here about its specs and strategies.  Watson’s ability to win at trivia games is almost frightening.  But what is REALLY frightening is the fact […]

Well… you can’t get jail time for simply owning a Motorolla RAZR phone.  But if you use one to facilitate a federal crime, it can enhance your sentence! The US Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit recently ruled that a cellular phone like the RAZR is a “computer” under the legal definition in the […]


October 18th, 2010

OMG  I’m in love – my emotion chip is running at 110%! hands off Scott – I call dibs.

It’s too bad Jim doesn’t have a PS3, because the brand new Candy Pink Dual Shock controller would go perfect sitting next to his pink Wii-mote. More on the new hardware here.

Sci-Guys Preview Hulu Plus

August 4th, 2010

Hulu Plus, the new for-pay service from, is named incorrectly. Clearly the “Plus” in the name indicates that you are getting some extra benefit over the boring old “regular” Hulu. I’m not sure that is true. For $9.99 a month, the service is touted as offering complete seasons of its shows, in HD. Hulu […]

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