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“Deadman” Coming To CW(?)

August 26th, 2011

Deadline: Hollywood is reporting that the post-Smallville CW network make switch comic gears in a very big ways.  There are talks of a “superhero” series starring none-other than probably one of the least-known heroes in the DC Universe (OK, he’s better known than Ragman…) but has a compelling back-story. Trapeze artist, Boston Brand, was murdered […]

Taste of Clone Wars Season 4

August 16th, 2011

Okay, okay… I’m a sucker for the Clone Wars.  Season 4 debuts September 16th on Cartoon Network.

  The Sci-Guys made a promise to give the SyFy show “Haven” another try.  Turns out, you get your best “interactive” viewing during the August 12th episode if you have a Twitter account.  How convenient that I just started one!  Two characters in the episode (@VinceHaven and @DaveHaven) begin to get tweets from a mysterious […]

Spoilerific G.O.T. 16bit RPG

August 4th, 2011

NSFW either.

Thanks, Michael!

J.J. Abrams’ latest TV project is “Person of Interest.”  It stars Michael Emerson (Lost) and Jim Caviezel (The Prisoner).  On paper, this should work… so watch the trailer and tell me what you think of it so far!

SPOILERZ! Okay, okay… so maybe it’s not real deleted footage. But it makes me miss the show!

  We didn’t mention the impending return of old SyFy favorites Warehouse 13 and Eureka on our last podcast… oops.  Last night brought back two shows and introduced a third:  Alphas.  I watched them.  Not sure if the other Sci-Guys did.  But I wasn’t alone.  According to numbers released by SyFy today, the three shows […]

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